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Amanda Olney

United States

Chattanooga, TN


Preferred Role

Senior Compliance Manager/Officer/Head of

Compliance Lead/Manager

BSA Officer




$170,000 - 250,000

Preferred Regions

United States

Mainland Europe



What is my ideal next role?

My ideal role is one where my experience, education and skills in regulatory compliance risk and audit can be leveraged to the best risk mitigation and financial success of my employer.

My Experience Highlights

I can create compliance management systems from the ground up. I can successfully navigate between the board of directors and federal/state regulators. I can work autonomously, and yet maintain a staff dedicated to being a knowledgeable resource for all areas of a financial institution’s business lines and operational departments.


I prefer fully remote position, but would be open to hybrid positions. I also am available to travel as much as needed.

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