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legal & compliance recruitment

Have you heard of us?

* please, no agencies.

Series B has been in the fintech space for nearly a decade. From day one, we've been fortunate enough to work on a referral basis and have avoided pestering businesses with cold calls, and we've certainly never dropped an unsolicited CV or Resume into someone's inbox. Good for us? Well, as much as you don't appreciate it, we don't enjoy doing it. So, it works out. 

Our clients and candidates have been kind enough to refer us to new people and, in one way or another, we've ended up working with incredible people at Wise, Monzo, Cleo, TapTap Send, Circle, Chipper Cash, Uphold, Zero Hash, Paysafe, Robinhood and many, many others. We couldn't be luckier, and we're always just as excited to see emails from our existing network as we are from new fintechs!

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On success






(for candidates)

Legal or Compliance Hires



Use us when you need us


Fee on success


Payment over 4 months

Compliance Only



Dedicated Series B contact

Specialist consultant:
Role advisory
Budget Review
Technical interview
Offer Assessment


3 tier fee

Payment over 60 days

Out of work? 

2 x video calls
- Series B Consultant

- Specialist Compliance Consultant


Just looking?

1 x video call
Series B

1 x video call
Specialist Compliance Consultant
(1 hour)

(50.00 first hour
then 100.00 per hour)

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Series B has partnered with a highly experienced international compliance consultant to offer a significant advantage to companies hiring in the fintech space. 

Under an exclusive engagement, Series B will provide expert advice to your teams on role profiles and requirements, qualifications and skills, budget and hiring approach. We'll navigate and manage a successful interview and offer process, including a technical interview, and help onboard your new team member. 

+ specialist compliance consultant

If you'd like to find out more and work with us, please get in touch. 



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We help hire in the US, Canada, UK and EU

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