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Compliance Circle

A global community of executive-level compliance consultants


Discover how Compliance Circle started and what we're all about. We're now a global network of executive-level compliance consultants, located in 9 time zones, from Australia to San Diego. 


Whether you know exactly what you need or you're looking for advice and guidance, explore what our community has to offer and get connected with an expert.


We're an exclusive community, with membership based on referral by existing members. Find out how we're growing and building a network of trust. 


If you have a query about our network, or you'd like to get in touch with one of our members, please reach out to us.

About Us
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An exclusive, referral-only community for executive-level compliance consultants

About Compliance Circle


Finding Founders

2023 was a mixed bag for many, our Founders have had great success globally, but welcomed the chance to be part of a network of peers that didn't exist before. A place to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and to create new opportunities, was lacking for compliance consultants

Jan 2024


Compliance Circle solved part of the problem. A network of founders was created to establish a core group of professionals, but it couldn't be an open community. Founders became responsible for inviting new members to the platform, building a circle of trust. 

February 2024


Our members reside across the globe, from Hong Kong to San Diego, This international network has helped increase reach for each consultant, giving valued connections across multiple jurisdictions, skill sets and specialisms. Our goal is to create a space for consultants covering all areas of the globe, and all financial services and compliance specialisms.


Thinking outside the Circle

As with any concentration of highly skilled professionals, opportunity knocks. Our community is built by our members, for our members, which has dictated various initiatives we'll execute in 2024. If you're interested in connecting with us, check out our services and membership information!

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Whether you know what you're looking for or need guidance and advice, let us connect you with the world's best.

Find a Consultant

Know what you're looking for?

Get in touch with us today. Tell us what you need and we'll connect you with a specialist who can support you.

Find a Consultant

Do you need help?

Send us an email and we'll connect you to a expert consultant to chat to. 

Our Expertise

Our members span 5 continents and 17 time zones, supporting clients in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

With expertise across banking, lending, crypto, payments, trading, investments, cards, and insurance. 

Supporting large, multinational clients, high growth VC backed unicorns to pre-seed startups

Across risk management, regulatory reporting, licensing, audit, compliance advisory, remediation, and training. 

Global Licensing & Registrations

Crypto (US BitLicense, MiCA)


Money Transmission











​Cyber Security

Consumer Protections



Third Party Risk Management

Compliance Advisory & Program Development


Fraud Operations

AML & KYC Operations


Financial Promotions

Compliance Strategy

Product Development

Consumer Duty/Consumer Protection

Third Party Risk/Vendor Management

Data Protection


US State Privacy Laws

Staff Augmentation

Gap Analyses & Remediation

Regulatory Reporting

Interim and Fractional Compliance Support

Implementation and Design

Compliance Management Systems




Founding Members

Where it began

Compliance Circle was structured to ensure it was built by our members, for our members. We began with Founding Members, who are a select group of experts with whom we have existing relationships. We then handed over the reigns, and they're now tasked with growing our membership by referring the best global consultants onto our platform. 


You may be contacted by our members, in which case you can apply via the link below. We verify your membership then send you instructions to create a profile, if approved. 

As a community, we want to encourage and forge new connections. If you know an existing member, feel free to reach out to them and ask them about Compliance Circle. If you don't know an active member, but you feel you meet our criteria, please join our waiting list and we'll ask a member to reach out to you. Please note, however, only qualified professionals will be contacted. 



Get in Touch

Compliance Circle

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Will Pedley

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