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Atanas Paskalev

Mainland Europe

Sofia, Bulgaria


Preferred Role

Compliance Lead/Manager


Senior Compliance Manager/Officer/Head of




Preferred Regions

Mainland Europe

Mainland Europe



What is my ideal next role?

1) Passion
Being passionate about my job will help me feel fulfilled and make it easier to get up and go to work each and every day.
2) Work-life balance
Maintaining a work-life balance is not only important for each professional personal health, wellbeing, and relationships but it can also improve the efficiency of work performance. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business world, the ability to achieve work-life balance is increasingly difficult, so it is more important than ever for people to find a job that respects and encourages balance.
3) Opportunities
It is important for me to have the chance to work for a company that invests in the growth of its people and provides opportunities to develop skills. The latter will help me to progress to a more senior role or achieve a long-term goal.
4) Recognition
It's stimulating when your hard work is recognized and rewarded. Weighing up a company’s appraisal format is essential.
5) Salary

My Experience Highlights

An accomplished legal professional with a proven track record in Corporate Banking, Financial Factoring, and Corporate Onboarding. Throughout my experience of more than five years of FinTech/Crypto industry experience, I have strived towards creating and maintaining regulatory frameworks for businesses and ensuring the safe growth of the company. I believe that the future of the financial and legal environment is rooted in the FinTech industry and it is my goal to use my expertise and leadership qualities to bring the future of tomorrow, to the companies today.



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