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David Garcia Rios

Mainland Europe



Preferred Role

Legal Counsel

Compliance Lead/Manager


Full Time Permanent



Preferred Regions

Mainland Europe

United Kingdom



What is my ideal next role?

I am interested in participating in the global expansion of interesting projects and actively contributing to the regulatory conversation through direct contact with regulators, law makers, governments and other relevant stakeholders.
This is only part of the job, on a day-to-day basis I can advise on expansion strategy, legal structuring, application of current and expected regulation, and create narratives and communication strategies, as well as marketing analysis, token analysis, etc.

My Experience Highlights

I have experience in one of the most important cryptolenders in the world, Celsius Network. In Celsius I have led the EU expansion project, from the design of the legal structure of the business in each target country, contact with relevant regulators, licensing, and legal design of financial products in different EU jurisdictions. Part of my work involves general Legal Counsel tasks.

I also have experience as a lobbyist in Brussels, representing the General Council of Spanish Lawyers and one of the groups representing the crypto industry in the EU (Blockchain and Virtual Currencies Work Group) in front of the French Presidency of the EU Commission, the EU Commission itself, and different MEPs.

I worked as Legal Counsel for MSD (top 5 Pharma companies wolrdwide) and have experience in Competition Law, IP Law, and government relationships.


Right now I am based in Madrid, working remotely for Celsius, but initially I was hired in London. Although I prefer hybrid work, I am open to relocate elsewhere.
I speak English (certified C2 level) and Spanish (mother tongue).
I have 2 Bachelor degrees (Law and Business Administration); 2 LL.Ms (Corporate Counsel & Litigation - both specialising in FinTech).
I also have two postgraduate certificates: Corporate Compliance, and another in Blockchain and Digital Innovation.
I am an investment advisor with official MiFID ii certification.

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