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Eric Clarke

United States

Charlotte, NC


Preferred Role

Financial Crime Analyst

Compliance Lead/Manager



Full Time Permanent



Preferred Regions

United States

Mainland Europe



What is my ideal next role?

An ideal role would be one in which I am able to help in the fight against financial crimes either as an individual contributor or as the leader of a team.

My Experience Highlights

I have five years of experience working in a compliance capacity at large financial institutions. This is experience is evenly split between an investigations role and a QC role. As an AML investigator I was responsible for performing thorough reviews on potentially suspicious activity in accounts and making a SAR/no-SAR determination. In this position, I was required to write SARs for submission to FinCEN. As a QC consultant I was responsible for reviewing reports which focused on high-risk customers to ensure that procedures were properly followed and any potentially suspicious activity was appropriately escalated.



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