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United States

Deerfield, IL


Preferred Role

BSA Officer

Senior Compliance Manager/Officer/Head of






Preferred Regions

United States

United States



What is my ideal next role?

As someone who’s worked in operations and compliance, I’ll act as a partner not a road block in getting products out the door. Looking to join a Series A or B fintech as a compliance or operations executive in a position where I can help shape the culture and enable growth in a culture that values compliance.

My Experience Highlights

Executive Compliance leader with 15+ year distinguished career in financial services and public sector roles. Proven track record of orchestrating and fortifying comprehensive compliance strategies that ensure regulatory adherence and mitigate risk in dynamic banking environments. Recognized for developing regulatory frameworks and implementing innovative solutions to efficiently address evolving compliance challenges. Strong thought leader, successful in driving continuous advancement and staying ahead of industry trends to proactively safeguard organizational integrity and drive sustainable growth. Ready to leverage executive acumen and operational expertise to propel compliance programs to new heights of success within the banking sector.


Remote preferred. No sponsorship required in the United States.

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